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The Jockey Club - 3700 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas NV 89109 - 702-798-3500

For my March 2006 trip to Las Vegas, I had narrowed down my choices to the Stardust west tower at $75 per night or the Luxor pyramid at $90 per night. Before making my final decision I checked the Las Vegas Tourist Bureau web site. In December of 2000 they were offering an insanely low rate of around $25 per night for the Rio Suites, which I took advantage of. They don't always offer spectacular deals but their site is always worth checking, just in case.

So there was a deal for Jockey Club at $65 per night. I searched the Internet for info about the Jockey Club (they didn't have a web site at the time) and was surprised to see that it's all one and two bedroom condos. A condo ON THE STRIP next to the Bellagio for $65 per night? When Luxor was charging $90 for a tiny standard room? A no-brainer.

I suspected there was some catch, and I was right. While the room was without a doubt the largest and most well-equipped (range, microwave, fridge, plates, utensils, two TVs, two couches, dining table, coffee table, bedroom with two queen beds, bathtub, shower, huge walk-in closet, cold AC) I've ever had in Las Vegas, and the property itself was in well-maintained condition; the Cosmopolitan and the huge Project City Center were being built immediately to the south. Aside from construction noise 24 hours per day, the Jockey Club parking lot had been taken over by the construction crew.

When I pulled in, I could see there was nowhere to park. I asked the valet "Don't you have a parking lot?" (like EVERY OTHER strip property), he said "No, it's valet only." Normally I don't even rent a car in Las Vegas, but when I do, I like being able to park it myself and have it available whenever I want it.

As I walked from the car to the check in desk, I was surprised by the close proximity of the construction site. The Jockey Club parking lot (or what used to be their parking lot) was being used for storage of various building materials. PLUS, the Jockey Club had construction going on at the north side of their own building as well. Construction on both sides = no getting away from it.

Aside from the construction mess and lack of self-parking, I recommend the Jockey Club highly if it's in your price range. I expect the prices will go up to their normal level after all the construction is finished. And I don't know if they're always "valet only" or if that was a special setup because of the temporarily reduced size of their parking lot.

Jockey Club has two "towers", the Derby, and I forget the name of the other one. I had room 954 in the Derby (west) tower. If you're a gambler you may not like Jockey Club because they have no casino. One of the appeals to Las Vegas "megaresorts" is that after a long day & night of sightseeing, you can decompress at your "home property" with some gambling and relaxing at the lounge with a few drinks; knowing that you can go up to your room at any time without having to take another taxi ride, or fighting traffic, or taking a long walk. If gambling isn't important to you, Jockey Club may appeal to you since you can stock the fridge with food and beverages of your choice and relax in the living room instead of a casino or lounge.

The location is good as well; Planet Hollywood (formerly Aladdin) is directly across the street, Bellagio is to the north, Project City Center and Cosmopolitan to the south. Until the Cosmopolitan & Project City Center are finished, Monte Carlo is the next closest property to the south. There is a CVS Pharmacy just past the Project City Center site where you can buy food, non alcoholic drinks, and a wide variety of other necessities. Across the street from the CVS are a few convenience stores where you can buy cigarettes, souvenirs, hard liquor, beer, and other snacks. The convenience store prices are high (a six pack of Heineken was $9.99, compared to standard grocery store prices of around $7) but not insanely high like airport food.

The Jockey Club is showing signs of age - there was a small worn out hole about the size of a silver dollar in the living room carpet of my room, and the AC unit hidden in a small kitchen closet looked like a mechanical Frankenstein; but the AC worked very well, the room seemed fairly well-insulated against noise (although this may have been due to a lot of rooms being unoccupied), and the room as well as hallways and lobbies were kept very clean and looking nice.

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