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Las Vegas series #1 pictures were shot between August 1992 (our first trip to Las Vegas ever, we stayed at the Sahara) and March 2003 (we stayed at Monte Carlo for that trip). Our first 2 or 3 visits to Las Vegas, we brought those cheap cardboard disposable cameras and didn't shoot many photos. There are maybe 5 to 10 scans of those early photos in this series. During one trip, we don't recall which one; we had a Yashica Super T something or other point & shoot 35mm camera; a few scans of those images are also in this series. From 1996 or 1997 to 2002 we used a variety of Olympus digital cameras ... one 640x480 gray plastic model, pocket sized 1 megapixel and 2 megapixel models, and in March 2003 we had an Olympus C700 10x zoom 2 megapixel camera. This series of photos could be called our "internship" in photography - we did not consider ourselves "photographers" at the time, and were learning the art of photography through trial and error. While this series of photos includes our poorest quality images, it is also our largest series of photos (over 1,000 images) and includes pictures of many structures which no longer exist, such as the Tam-O-Shanter Motel, Stardust, Westward Ho, La Concha, Fashion Show Mall before they built that big saucer thing in front, and Mandalay Bay under construction. This series also includes one or two shots of Fremont Street before the "Fremont Street Experience" canopy was built. Click here to view the Las Vegas Photos #1 thumbnail gallery.

Las Vegas Photos #1 Las Vegas - 1992 to March 2003

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