Las Vegas Hilton

Las Vegas Hilton - 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89101    1-888-732-7117

The photo above was taken from the top of the Stratosphere. I went to the Las Vegas Hilton once just for the "Star Trek Experience", which is awesome if you've ever been a Star Trek fan; and especially awesome if you're into movies. You get to actually participate in a mini episode. When I went there was only one scene; then they added a second involving the Borg in 2004. In addition to these interactive shows, there is kind of a "museum" of Star Trek related items, a mini "Promenade Deck" which includes Quark's Bar, roaming characters in costume, and a "Space Quest" casino which has a futuristic theme. The Star Trek attraction was discontinued in 2008 after ten years at the Hilton and is tentatively scheduled to reopen at the Neonopolis Mall in 2010.

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